26 July 2009

First haircut

Our little man had his first real haircut this weekend! It was just getting too long and really needed a trim and some shape. We still wanted to keep this long shaggy look he has going, we like it and think it's cute. So, we went to Cookie Cutters and asked for a trim! Maddie was very good, he "drove" the racecar he sat in and sucked on a sucker and was calm as a cucumber. He is so laid back, I didn't think he would be a problem. He also watched some Elmo on TV, which probably helped a little as it is not something he normally does. Here are the before, during and after shots!
During, and looking slightly annoyed...
Driving the racecar chair...
Drooling all over his sucker...
And, Voila! After shots!
Our handsome little man!

24 July 2009

Whirlwind week

I finally can take a breath and can share our family time together. I am back to work after a wonderful, yet very busy, week off with my baby and family. Rudy is back from his 2 week motorcycle dream vacation in one piece, thank God! I am now in the final countdown of my pregnancy - no more big events to worry about anyway. I have 14 weeks or so left until my new little one arrives and I can't wait!

My brother Beau, his wife Tiffany, and their two little ones, Scarlett (3) and Tyler (1) came to visit for 8 days over the 4th of July birthday holiday. My mom and dad also came for the festivities, so I had a full house for the long 4th of July weekend. My dad left on Sunday (as did Rudy for his motorcycle trip) and Beau et al. stayed until the following thursday and my mom stayed for the duration of Rudy's 2 week trip to help me out. Thank you so much Mama! I couldn't have done it without her. We did a lot during the time everyone was here and here are the highlights!

Everyone arrived on Wed, July 1st and I had to work Wed and Thursday. So, those two days, people were hanging out and doing last minute birthday shopping. The birthday party was scheduled for the 4th and we were celebrating Maddie's 1st, Tyler's 1st, and Scarlett's 3rd birthdays. Tyler's birthday is actually July 6th and Scarlett's is July 8th, so we've decided it will be a tradition to celebrate all these July birthdays together. In addition to the little ones, my Dad's birthday is on July 15th and Jackson's is on the 29th. So, it is a very busy birthday month! Anyway, on Thursday we decided to venture out in the evening for some messy ribs at Naperville's ribfest! The only fun kid activities were the carnival and Scarlett had fun on all the rides. 
Here she is on the mini ferris wheel. What a cutie!

On Friday, our one activity for the day was to go to the Brookfield Zoo. Scarlett really wanted to see Hippos as that is her favorite animal. Unfortunately, the hippos weren't out and about, so we could only peek at them inside a door eating lunch. They didn't look like the happy, colorful hippos she was used to anyway! The zoo was ok - the kids went on the carousel, but other then that, it was a lot of walking around to see very few animals. We were a little annoyed that we couldn't bring the stroller into the monkey house - my Dad carried Maddox and Rudy stayed outside to watch the strollers and wagon - we just didn't feel comfortable just leaving our Bugaboo outside for anyone to take. The gorillas were the most interesting monkeys to see in the monkey house fyi - they are at the end and you could see them pretty close up. It was hard for the kids to see the other monkeys up in the trees I think.

Here is a pic of Maddie on the carousel with his Papa - it is a rare treat to see both of them smiling in the same pic, but this is the most adorable pic!!!
On Saturday, of course, we had the birthday party. It was a very long Friday night and Sat morning for me doing all the prep work for the food and cleaning up the house, decorating. I was working until the very last second. Of course my family was helping me, I would never have gotten it all done without them, so THANK YOU! Throwing a party was a lot of work, and I am not sure it is worth it. When Maddox is a little older, I am sure he will appreciate it more. All in all, though, it was a fun time. I tried to keep it small and there was only about 15 adults and 7 kids there, but it still really stressed me out. I can barely remember what happened! But, basically, the kids played, we ate, then did a pinata - which Scarlett and Tyler brought with them from Mexico (they live in Mexico currently), then we sang the happy birthdays and watched each of the kids eat their cake. Unfortunately, it was raining that day and so we couldn't do much outside, but Rudy still grilled the kabobs and they were delicious! Here we are with our growing up too fast baby, Maddox!
Here's Maddox amidst the pinata goodies that were all over the floor. He had his first sucker and it was really hard to take it away from him!
Here's Tyler and Maddox playing the next day, telling us that they are 1 now! What a little smarty pants that Tyler is! And what a couple of cutie pies!
On Monday, we did the impossible and went to downtown Chicago. We had to take two cars, since 3 kids in carseats and 4 adults just don't fit into one car unless you have a minivan, which I don't, or a giant SUV, which I don't. So, two cars it was. We did the Shedd Aquarium and Millenium park, and that was enough. It was a long, exhausting day...

The kids loved the aquarium, especially Scarlett. As a 3 year old, it was right up her alley. Tyler and Maddox were a little young for it, but they still looked and pointed at everything. Maddox was a little freaked out by the dolphins swimming so close to the glass, when the first one swam up, he panicked and turned and grabbed me close. You can see the dolphin in the next shot with Scarlett, very cool!

The kids loved playing in the water at the fountain in Millenium park. Maddox cried when I finally dragged him out of there. I think in this photo, Tyler had just fallen down. This doesn't seem like the safest of places for kids to be running around, smooth tiles with water on them is slippery! There are a lot of kids running around and splashing, and we saw a few fall down. I stayed close to Maddox the whole time as I didn't want him to fall, so I got a little wet from all the kiddies running around and splashing everyone. 
Here's the kiddies playing in the backyard pool. Maddox finally would stay and splash and sit in the pool when his cousins showed him how it is done. When we first got the pool, he didn't want to play in it alone, that's no fun!
On Wednesday, it was raining, again, so we went to the Naperville Children's museum. I wasn't sure if it would be any fun for the tiny men, but it turned out to be the best activity of all for them. They loved it! There was just room after room of fun stuff to play with. Here is our new family band playing the drums!
Maddox carrying around some dangerous object.
The air tubes are so much fun!!
And the kids really loved to play in the water, I think that is Maddie's favorite activity now after swimming in the pool, playing with his new water table from his fairy godmother, Marcy, and being in the fountain at Millenium park. I think he would have stood here for hours...
We jam packed in a lot of activities, and I was sad, but relieved for everyone to go home so I could catch up on some relaxation and sleep time! Next year, Beau and Tiffany will host the party and hopefully it will be catered!!!

04 July 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Maddox!

My baby turned 1 year old today! The last year has gone by so fast. It has been an exhausting few days preparing for and having his little birthday party. I can't believe my baby is 1! It has been the best year of my life having and caring for my little man. I can't wait for the next year and the next year and the next year!!!! I will have many more photos to post, but tonight mommy is very tired and is headed to bed. Happy Birthday Maddox and Happy 4th of July! Mama and Papa love you so very much!