28 November 2007

Belly photo #1: 4 weeks, 3 days

So this is me right after we found out we were pregnant. I am going to try to take pics every few weeks, or once a month or so to show the belly progress! I will take another photo this weekend. I have been putting off posting this, so here it is in all my chubby glory. I am a little fatter than I wish I was when I got pregnant, but oh well, what can you do? My ovaries are the size of lemons here people! I can't wait to see if I look any more pregnant in my next photo, right now, I just look a little fatter. 

19 November 2007


The baby is fine, but I am on bedrest due to subchorionic bleeding. What is that you say? Bleeding from the uterus basically - broken capillaries from the implantation causes some bleeding during the first trimester. It is very common, but annoying. I am on bedrest until it stops which really sucks! I have been on bedrest since last Friday when I called the nurse because I had noticed some spotting last week and it got a little worse on Friday. I have to stay on bedrest until it stops + 3 days. So, it has subsided for the most part today I think, so hopefully only three more days. Guess I am not cooking thanksgiving dinner! Sorry honey. Here is a picture of our sweet little alien baby! I think my belly is pooching out now too - it is hard to tell because I have been a little bloated the last few days. But, I feel better today and notice a distinct little bump below my belly button. I promise some side shots of the belly soon!

12 November 2007

Here comes the nausea

Wow, look how much we've grown! Isn't our little blob cute? I had my second ultrasound today and everything is measuring right on. The baby's heartbeat was going strong and nice and even. The baby is now 7.7 mm long - still a tiny little pea. I am so happy! The nausea kicked in last Friday finally. I was so enjoying not feeling sick. But, it is here, ugh. It isn't too bad, but it does seem to come and go all day long. I had too much food at taco bell for lunch today - it sounded so good!! It tasted so good!! But, now I have a tummy ache! My mommy sent me some preggie pops and acupressure bands - the preggie pops actually help, it's amazing. Not much else to report. I took a picture of myself when we found out we were pregnant. I will post it eventually I guess. I may take a new pic this week - but I am definitely not showing or anything yet. I have done some shopping for maternity clothes and baby stuff, but haven't bought anything yet. I am lucky to have friends give me a lot of clothes to wear, so I am pretty set for a while! Thanks girls! But, it will be fun to buy some new prego clothes soon. I can't wait to find out the gender - Aaron and Shannon are having a girl! I guess 16 weeks is the earliest they can tell, so I have a while to wait. I guess I won't be doing much shopping or nursery decorating until then. Ooooohhhhh, I can't wait!!!!

07 November 2007

I am so tired!

It was hard to get up this morning. Maybe this is for real - I am pregnant! Hee hee. It is just so hard to believe sometimes this early, there isn't much to go on. So far, this is pretty easy. The eating is annoying - I am trying so hard to eat the right things, it is hard to fit in everything you are supposed to eat in one day. 5 fruits, 5 vegetables? Who has the stomach to eat all of that and protein and whole grains and a ton of water!!!?? I am just trying to nibble all day long. By the way, my hcg levels came back at 15,300 on 26 days post retrieval. They are really good numbers, high in fact for just having one baby. They said she must have implanted right away. Or, maybe there is another baby in there and he is just hiding behind his sister! But, I doubt it. How could they not see the other one? I have another u/s and bloodwork scheduled for next Monday. I have already made an appointment with my ob/gyn for the last week of November. By then my fertility doctor will discharge me. They will monitor me weekly until then though I guess. So, everything is fine, going well. How do you like my new little baby widget - isn't it cute?

05 November 2007

1 strong little bean

We saw one little baby bean in there today with a strong heartbeat! We are measuring a little ahead of schedule I think. We are sad to say goodbye to our second baby, we had a feeling there might be two in there, but were wrong. But, our one little bean's heart was beating furiously - can't really see it in the pictures of course. We are mourning the loss of one bean and celebrating the wonder of the other! Now we don't have to buy a giganto car, so that is good news. We can't wait to watch her grow week after week and be born. I will update with my hcg numbers later, don't have them yet. We will go in for another ultrasound and bloodwork next week.

01 November 2007

5 weeks pregnant

I am officially 5 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant. Still no symptoms really except feeling tired and having to pee more often. I had my second beta hcg test on Monday and it was 1465 - so it more than doubled which is really good. It is weird that it went up exactly 1,000 units, isn't it? My dear husband came home with these roses the day after our official positive test from the doc. Aren't they just gorgeous? He knows me so well, I love this minimalist bouquet, it is so cool. I also received some other surprises from family on that day - the doorbell just kept ringing. My mom and dad sent the beautiful orchid and Aaron and Shannon sent the edible arrangement. That was great, it helped me up my fruit intake (and chocolate too). Thanks everyone for recognizing what a true miracle this is. I love you! We have another blood hcg test and our first OB ultrasound on monday so stay tuned!!