07 November 2007

I am so tired!

It was hard to get up this morning. Maybe this is for real - I am pregnant! Hee hee. It is just so hard to believe sometimes this early, there isn't much to go on. So far, this is pretty easy. The eating is annoying - I am trying so hard to eat the right things, it is hard to fit in everything you are supposed to eat in one day. 5 fruits, 5 vegetables? Who has the stomach to eat all of that and protein and whole grains and a ton of water!!!?? I am just trying to nibble all day long. By the way, my hcg levels came back at 15,300 on 26 days post retrieval. They are really good numbers, high in fact for just having one baby. They said she must have implanted right away. Or, maybe there is another baby in there and he is just hiding behind his sister! But, I doubt it. How could they not see the other one? I have another u/s and bloodwork scheduled for next Monday. I have already made an appointment with my ob/gyn for the last week of November. By then my fertility doctor will discharge me. They will monitor me weekly until then though I guess. So, everything is fine, going well. How do you like my new little baby widget - isn't it cute?

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