28 April 2007

IUI#3 and a magnolia tree

We arrived at 6:51am and the guy that runs the "man room" wasn't there yet. He didn't know he was supposed to come to work today. Nice. So, Rudy had to wait to give his sample. Poor baby, like he doesn't have enough pressures. Anyway, fast forward to 8:30am or so and we are called into the stirrup room. Post wash numbers on the sample was 29 million guys with 58% motility. Pretty darn good I guess. Only experienced intermittent cramping and it was all done. La-z-boy to the test tube to the catheter and into the uterus in under an hour. Very, very romantic. Rudy did hold my hand the whole time, he is such a sweet man, I love him so.

On our way home we bought a magnolia tree. It was Arbor day yesterday and there was a tree sale in Naperville. We got a flowering Magnolia that blooms giant red blooms to plant in the back and further improve our view. I don't think I will see it bloom this year unfortunately. If we are still here in this home, we can look forward to it blooming this time next year. Hopefully I will have a blooming baby or babies to enjoy too.

When we came home around 11am, I went to bed and watched HGTV for a while, then finally fell asleep until 3pm or so. It felt so good to take a nap, I can't remember the last time I took a real nap! However, it was too long and I woke up feeling very groggy and still do. I am just laying around now watching reruns of Charmed - love those witches! I wish I could cast a spell and suddenly be pregnant and have this custody battle over Jackson resolved. Finally having the child support payments reduced will be a huge burden lifted. Then Jackson can breathe a sigh of relief too - he is worried that he is going to have to go back and live with his mom and he just doesn't want to. Speaking of Jackson, what a sweet, thoughtful, sensitive and smart little man he is. Our ice maker is broken and I was trying to make iced tea the other day and realized I didn't have enough ice to do it. The next day I find a tray of ice cubes all made in the freezer. He found an ice cube tray I didn't even know we had and made me some ice. Without me even asking him too!! I love him so much, he is such a good boy. I don't understand what his mother's problem is, I just don't get it. I pray everything is resolved before Tuesday so Jackson doesn't have to suffer through a court hearing and listen to all the nasty things his mother will say.

Well, I am rambling about all sorts of things today, I better get back on the couch for some more Charmed! Tomorrow we have IUI#4 starting at 8:15am. I don't think I have ovulated just yet, still feeling pain on both sides. Seems like this is being timed very well this month, it just HAS TO WORK!!

27 April 2007

IUI #3 prep

I had ultrasound and bloodwork yesterday and today. They are watching my follicles like a hawk! Here's the scoop:

April 26, 2007

Estradiol: 1017, Lining: 7mm - pretty good
Follicles (don't know which side they are on):
1 @ 17mm, 3 @ 14mm, 4 @ 13mm, 1 @ 11mm, 1 @10mm

April 27, 2007
Estradiol: 1075, Lining: 7.8mm - better! Lining above 7mm is good for implantation.
Left ovary: 1 @ 19mm, 1 @ 15mm, 3 @ 14mm
Right ovary: 1 @ 16mm, 2 @ 14mm, 1 @ 11mm

Looks like I have at least 2 maybe three eggs ready to bust out! Whoopee! The more eggs, the more chance I have of getting pregnant (and the more chance of multiple babies!) I will take an HCG shot tonight to trigger ovulation between 8 & 10pm and then go in at 7am to do the first IUI. We will have a second IUI on Sunday.

I am so glad we are having this done this weekend as we have a court hearing on Tuesday for custody of Jackson. I was really worried I would have to have this done the same day as court and I would be so stressed out that day. I am feeling really hopeful about this cycle though. I really think this is the month! But, I can't get my hopes up too high or I will lose it when I get that BFN. (Big Fat Negative). So, I will be praying and trying to pamper myself all weekend starting with going out for some tasty deep dish Chicago style pizza! I am thinking lots of sleep, some yoga, a pedicure and lots of tv and reading.

25 April 2007

Black and blue

Well, I was wrong about these shots being better than the progesterone shots. They burn going in and are leaving a trail of welts and bruises on my tummy. Whaaaaaa... I am being closely monitored by the doc - went in for blood and ultrasound yesterday morning. Everything is going as planned - my estradial (estrogen) level is at 345. I have 11 noticeable follicles on the right ovary with only one that is measurable at 11mm (they only measure ones over 10mm). I have 5 follies on the left ovary with one nearing the 10mm mark. My lining looks good, whatever that means. They changed the dosage of the injections and I go back on Thursday for blood and u/s again. I think I am up to 8 ultrasounds now, and will probably have a whole lot more. I am wondering if the meds will make me ovulate sooner than normal? Usually it doesn't happen until day 15 or 16, but the follicles grow about 2-3mm a day supposedly, so that would make the one follie 15 or 16mm by tomorrow. They need to be above 18 or 20mm to give the trigger shot. They give me an HCG shot to force ovulation, then they will do the IUI the next two days I believe.

We are going to court on Tuesday morning for a custody hearing for Jackson. I am praying that the IUI doesn't need to happen that day. That is going to be an extremely stressful day for Rudy and I and I am hoping I ovulate earlier so we can get that over with.

Please oh please oh please, let me ovulate before next Tuesday and please please please let the custody be settled on Tuesday. I need to put some stress behind me, I really do.

16 April 2007

Cycle canceled - next stop: Injectibles

Just a quick update. This latest cycle was canceled due to my lining being too thin (3mm) - should be like 10mm or something. Sniff. So, I am done with Clomid, thank God! But, that means we move on to all injectible medications - 2 shots a day for 10 days or so. Then 2 IUI's followed by endless progesterone shots. As soon as aunt flo arrives, we will start the next cycle. It should be starting this week sometime. I hope it starts before the weekend because I am going to Texas this weekend. Rudy and I are helping my parents drive to their new home in Austin, TX. We leave Sat morning and fly home on Monday night.

Rudy and I went in for more injectible training - this time we get to do Sub-Q shots (subcutaneous) - that means under the skin. It is much better than the intra-muscular progesterone injections in my arse with a 2 inch needle - ugh. The sub-q needle is much smaller and goes in my fat belly. Rudy is still going to administer them - he is such a wonderful husband! I couldn't give myself these shots, no way.

I pray I don't have any cysts on my ovaries this month. There is just so many variables, so much to worry about. But, I have a good feeling about this month. Keep your fingers and toes crossed and say lots of prayers! Oh, one last thing, the chance for twins is at 20% with the injectible medications. Yikes!!!