25 April 2007

Black and blue

Well, I was wrong about these shots being better than the progesterone shots. They burn going in and are leaving a trail of welts and bruises on my tummy. Whaaaaaa... I am being closely monitored by the doc - went in for blood and ultrasound yesterday morning. Everything is going as planned - my estradial (estrogen) level is at 345. I have 11 noticeable follicles on the right ovary with only one that is measurable at 11mm (they only measure ones over 10mm). I have 5 follies on the left ovary with one nearing the 10mm mark. My lining looks good, whatever that means. They changed the dosage of the injections and I go back on Thursday for blood and u/s again. I think I am up to 8 ultrasounds now, and will probably have a whole lot more. I am wondering if the meds will make me ovulate sooner than normal? Usually it doesn't happen until day 15 or 16, but the follicles grow about 2-3mm a day supposedly, so that would make the one follie 15 or 16mm by tomorrow. They need to be above 18 or 20mm to give the trigger shot. They give me an HCG shot to force ovulation, then they will do the IUI the next two days I believe.

We are going to court on Tuesday morning for a custody hearing for Jackson. I am praying that the IUI doesn't need to happen that day. That is going to be an extremely stressful day for Rudy and I and I am hoping I ovulate earlier so we can get that over with.

Please oh please oh please, let me ovulate before next Tuesday and please please please let the custody be settled on Tuesday. I need to put some stress behind me, I really do.

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