30 September 2008

I miss my baby...

He is in day care for the first time today and doing fine, but I am not! I really miss him! I am working at home today and it is just dragging by. Only 2 more hours...

28 September 2008

12 weeks old and back to work

Here's some pics from the last few weeks. The first one is Maddox after he got his vaccinations. He was a trouper - we both cried, but he was fine afterwards. He got three shots in his big chubby thighs, hence the 3 band-aids!
Here's poppa, mama and maddox all out for a walk.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work. Sniff. :-( I am lucky to be able to work at home tomorrow and Tuesday though, so that will definitely ease the transition.  Tomorrow Maddox will be home with his daddy while Mommy works at home! I am going to try to pump all day and have Daddy feed him the bottle. At least I get to see him all day whenever I want to. He will go to day care all day on Tuesday even though I am working at home. I will take him over there in the morning and then probably drive down to the train station to see how the morning commute is going to be so I have the timing right and don't miss the train.

I am very conflicted about going back to work. On the one hand it will be nice to have a break from holding my baby all day - sometimes it is hard to be mommy all day every day and pay 100% attention to him. It will be good to get back into the work routine and back to normal life as I will know it now. But, I am going to miss my little guy so much! I am going to miss waking up together every morning and snuggling in bed all morning. I am going to miss feeding him all day long - I really love breastfeeding I have to say. It is such a warm fuzzy feeling to snuggle him and feed him. I love him so much! I am going to miss the way he smells and smiles and laughs at me. I am going to miss the way he kicks his legs all the time to get my attention. He is truly a ham and so fricking cute!!! But, every night and then of course Friday, Sat and Sunday he is all mine!!! I think this is going to be the hardest week yet of motherhood I have faced and I am not really looking forward to it. The last 3 months have been such a blessing and the best of my life. 

10 September 2008

Maddox's first feature film

Okay, so like, Mac's rule! I made this film using a simple digital camera and iMovie on my Mac. So fricking easy it isn't even funny! I hope you enjoy seeing my little boy on film! This makes me cry when I watch it for some reason, I'm such a sap. 

07 September 2008

2 months old!

Maddox is 2 months old and loves his monkey!

Here he is in his big boy pants!
Oooh, a cute little naked butt!
Look at me, I can pick up my own head!!

What a little cutie tootie if I do say so myself. For the last 2 weeks or so he has been sleeping longer at night - 7 hour stretches! I would say that is sleeping through the night darnit! I am not so sure how that is supposed to work with breastfeeding though, my boobs are so full when he finally wakes up, yikes. He is also looking around more and more and of course smiling more and more. His crazy hair gets lots of comments from people everywhere - that is usually the first thing people say "look at all that hair!". I swear I comb it down when it is wet, but it just pops back up. he is getting stronger and stronger and can lift his head up pretty high during tummy time, if only for a moment. In fact, one day last week - he lifted his head so high and kicked his foot at the same time, that he ROLLED OVER!! Whoohoo!!!! That was last Tuesday, but he hasn't done it since, so maybe just a lucky roll, hee hee. I have to go back to work in three weeks and I can't believe it is already getting so close, I am going to be so sad to have to leave him all day. I haven't been separated from him for more than 2 hours so far, so I am going to have major separation anxiety. I hope he adjusts easier than me to being with his new daycare momma, "miss carrie". I don't want to think about that just yet though. Sniff sniff.