14 January 2009

M is for Maddox

A fellow blogger and new mom assigned me the task of coming up with a list of things I love that start with M. Here goes!

Michigan - I grew up in Michigan and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I am more partial to northern Michigan now for visiting rather than near Bay City where I am from though. My immediate family no longer lives there so probably won't be visiting good old BC anytime soon. I get up to northern Michigan every once in a while and stay on Crystal Lake where my uncle has some cottages. It is very serene and beautiful there, the perfect spot for some R&R. Michigan has a lot of beauty - there are a lot of beautiful lakes and landscapes.   I also love Michigan because I can show people where I am from using my hand as a map! For example, Bay City is in the thumbpit. ;D Michigan is also home to my alma mater, Michigan State. Go Spartans!

Music - I do love music and am usually trying to find the latest thing to listen to. I am not as obsessed as some people, but I do enjoy finding a new artist or getting a new CD and falling in love with it. It usually takes me a little bit to warm up to new songs, but I enjoy the process. I usually listen to music in my car or at work on my mac or iphone. Maddox seems to love music too. I do a lot of singing to him and he just lights up when I sing. He also calms down whenever we play music for him in the car or at home. The other day Maddox was sick and tired and needed a nap, but wouldn't go to sleep. I stuck him in his carseat as a last ditch effort and he started wailing. I turned on Dave Matthews and he stopped crying instantly and fell asleep within a few minutes. Yes!

Mom - I miss my mama. She lives in Austin, TX - moved there almost 2 years ago. She used to be closer in Michigan, only a 6 hour drive away. Now, I have to talk to her on the phone and do video conferences to stay close. My mom is the most selfless, sweet, loving mom and Mamie around. (Mamie is her grandma name).  She is very creative, a fabulous cook and takes very, very, very good care of her family. She would do anything for her fam! She came to live here for a month after I had Maddie and she was a godsend, making us wonderful meals, rocking the baby, holding him so I could get a little more sleep. It was like having my best friend here. She may live far away, but she is close in my heart. I hope to move closer to her someday soon so Maddox can know his Mamie much better. Thanks for being the best Mama and Mamie ever! Ok, I can't go on and on about my mom and leave my dad out. My Daddy is the best Daddy ever! He is a calm, hard-working, extremely smart and loving Dad and Papa. I love my parents to pieces!

My Man - I had to fit my husband, Rudy, in here somehow!  My husband is the great love of my life, my best friend, soulmate and all around good guy. He was my rock during our fertility struggles and is the greatest Papa and husband. He does a lot for Maddox, we seriously share the duties equally of caring for our newborn son. He changes as many diapers as I do, rocks him to sleep and he gets him ready every morning to go to day care. He bathes him quite regularly and is now finally getting a chance to feed him. I am so grateful to have such an involved husband and papa to my baby boy.  He does a lot for me too - brings me coffee in the morning while I lay in bed feeding the baby, makes dinner many nights a week, drives me to the train station when it's too cold for me to make the walk - he does a million of these little things that seem small, but mean so much.  He also has inspired me to be the best person and mother I can be. Thanks to you my wonderful husband!

Maddox - Oh where to start? My little man Maddox has only been in my life for almost 7 months but he has made such a huge impact. He is the light of my life, my greatest joy, my crowning achievement, he is my heart. He is just the cutest, most lovable, happy, cuddly, funny, silly, smart, strong and good little baby boy. I couldn't have dreamed up a better baby to have, I am just so proud and happy. I look forward to seeing him wave his arms and legs in the morning when he first sees me, he is so excited. I love to hold him close and feed him and feel his soft little head with all that hair. I love to see him smile, hear him laugh and coo, and see him do something new almost every day. I love to feel his head lay on my shoulder while I smell his sweet little head. He is just so precious. He is truly a gift from God and I am so thankful that I was so blessed. I love you little Maddox! 

10 January 2009

Another milestone - Eating solids!

You're not supposed to eat the box! Hee hee. Maddox had his first taste of rice cereal on New Year's Day. He had no problem swallowing a lot of it. It was so much fun! He did a lot of grabbing at the spoon and tried to lean over and grab the bowl, but we managed to get him to open wide and swallow quite a bit. He made some faces along the way, like "ew, this is sour!". But, he seemed to like it as we gave him more. Yesterday, a week into rice cereal, I gave him peas. I mixed them into the cereal and gave him some straight up. He made more faces, but seemed ok with it. More peas today at lunchtime, oh yummy!!

04 January 2009

6 months old!

Wow, how time flies... Our tiny little baby is 6 months old! He is such a wonderful little man! He is sitting up on his own no problem and if you put him on the floor on his tummy he is able to move all over the place by rolling and scooting on his tummy. He can spin in circles and back up pretty good. He will be crawling in no time and then I will really be in trouble! We need to start babyproofing the house!  He is reaching and grabbing at everything - we have to be careful about what is near him because it will definitely get knocked over or picked up and sucked on. He especially loves cups, books and magazines and mommy's hair.  He has the cutest laugh and still makes this cute sound like an owl, only really fast. He also likes to fake cough a lot, I think it is his way of letting us know that he wants something. He also likes to make razzing sounds with his lips and makes lots of drool fly around. He has just started eating rice cereal in the last 3 days - I will post about that soon as I have pics of that too. I took these pictures today, still practicing my skills as a photographer. Happy 6 month birthday Maddox!

02 January 2009

Maddox's first Christmas

Maddox just loves presents! He loved holding the presents and pulling on the ribbons and especially chewing on the paper, yummy! We didn't get him much for Christmas, but he did get a lot from other people. He got some blocks and a remote control, two new uglydolls, a baby laptop computer, lots of new clothes, books, toys and a wagon from Aunt Mim that used to be Cousin Erin's. He also got a cute little Ty boy doll with spiked hair that looks like him and he loves it. I will have to take a pic of that soon. He won't remember this Christmas, but Mama and Poppa will and we had a great time.