04 January 2009

6 months old!

Wow, how time flies... Our tiny little baby is 6 months old! He is such a wonderful little man! He is sitting up on his own no problem and if you put him on the floor on his tummy he is able to move all over the place by rolling and scooting on his tummy. He can spin in circles and back up pretty good. He will be crawling in no time and then I will really be in trouble! We need to start babyproofing the house!  He is reaching and grabbing at everything - we have to be careful about what is near him because it will definitely get knocked over or picked up and sucked on. He especially loves cups, books and magazines and mommy's hair.  He has the cutest laugh and still makes this cute sound like an owl, only really fast. He also likes to fake cough a lot, I think it is his way of letting us know that he wants something. He also likes to make razzing sounds with his lips and makes lots of drool fly around. He has just started eating rice cereal in the last 3 days - I will post about that soon as I have pics of that too. I took these pictures today, still practicing my skills as a photographer. Happy 6 month birthday Maddox!

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Jennifer said...

He's an excellent sitter! And I love the b/w photo...you're doing a great job on the photography! What a big boy...what's he weighing now?