27 July 2007

The final IUI (#5)

Well, we had our 5th and final IUI this week. It went pretty good. Here's the nitty gritty details:

On ultrasound, Left ovary: 4 follies at 19mm, 3 @ 17mm. Right ovary: 1 @17mm. There were some smaller ones too, 15, 14, 13, etc., I believe. Estrogen at 1050 or so, lining 7.8mm.
So, in summary, good lining and 5 follies at mature size, yikes! Took the HCG shot at 8:10pm that night to trigger ovulation.

IUI 1: 9am postwash 23million sperm count, 55% motile
Thur: IUI 2: 10am postwash 69 MILLION, 66% motile !!!!!! Whoopee!! Good job honey! Felt all the usual ovulation pain on Thurs morning and afternoon, the timing seems perfect to me!

The nurse freaked me out on Thur - she didn't know what she was doing and put the speculum in and out like 4-5 times. She was fumbling around, poking around and wrenching that metal thing around and I thought, gee, this bodes well for success if the nurse can't even figure out how to work the stupid speculum. She couldn't find the opening of my cervix apparently. She eventually called the other nurse and she came in and had it over with in like 2 mins. All it took was me scootching down a little to change the angle or something.

Marcy suggested I do some visualization exercises before/during this time, so I did it, ok Marcy, I did it!! I tried to imagine the little eggies popping out just beautifully and spinning around while floating peacefully down the fallopian (don't ya just love that word?). Then I imagined the little spermy soldiers swimming fast and knocking on the eggs to say "let me in!". Then, two eggs meet their fate and start blooming into pretty little flowers. It was relaxing, however, on Thurs it was harder to concentrate after the nurses left me all freaked out with their fumbly exercises. Sometimes it's hard to have confidence in all this when people can barely do their jobs. The lab tech guy who handles Rudy's sample on Wed was all unorganized and looking for Rudy's paperwork. These people need to work a little harder to make us feel more confident, so much rides on what they are doing.

Well, let's pray that one or two of those little eggies met up with a soldier, but hopefully not 3 or 4. Crossing my fingers and toes and invoking all the karma, prayers, good luck charms and positive horoscopes I can find that this works. Otherwise, it's on to IVF in September. The two week wait begins again..

My husband, Mr. Nice Guy and karma

Here's a little heartwarming story for you. I haven't wrote in a while and wanted to give you an uplifting post, rather than a downer post. This morning my wonderful husband drove me to the train station to drop me off - we usually go on the train together, but he is working at home today. The train station drop off area consists of two lanes, one for the buses and one for the rest of us. He pulled into the bus lane and parked in a parking space that you technically can't park in until 8am (it was 7:55am or so). We chat and eventually the parking police pull up next to us. She is a friendly older woman, probably in her fifties I suppose. She has 'yelled' at us before because Rudy likes to break the rules and drop me in that lane quite frequently. She told us we needed to move, and we should park over there, and it's a moving violation to be there, $95 dollars, yada yada yada. I said, "I'm getting out now" and kind of got short and annoyed with her. I started yelling at Rudy that he should just follow the rules and pull into the other lane, blah blah blah. I said goodbye and hopped out and went to work. Later, Rudy tells me he went to Starbucks and got a coffee and a $20 gift card. He drove back to the train station and hunted down the parking lady. He then proceeded to apologize and tell her he knows she must have a really hard job and probably takes a lot of flack from people, etc. He told her 'thank you' for doing her job with a friendly face, even though she probably doesn't have to and people are most likely never nice back. She got all teary eyed and said that no one had ever said anything like that to her before in the 17 years she has been on this job. Her 17th anniversary is next Monday actually. She said someone actually threw their coffee at her once! Rudy said "Well, I won't throw coffee at you, but I will give you this gift card for all the good work!". A good deed, indeed.

Now, what possessed Rudy to do such a thing? Well, let me tell you something about my husband. He is a very thoughtful and generous person who 9 times out of 10 puts others before himself. He can actually see situations from another person's perspective, even when he is annoyed and in the wrong. Think about that next time you get mad at somebody for something that you are doing that you know is wrong. We all do it. Somebody calls us on something that we know we did wrong, yet we turn it around and give it right back to them. Some of us are clever enough to even twist it around and make it seem like it is the other person's fault. I hate people like that. Don't be like that!

Every once in a while, try to put someone else's needs ahead of your own. The reward may surprise you.

So, how does this even relate to our quest to have a baby? I am thinking that Rudy just gave us some really good karma. Let's hope it helps.