22 December 2008

Christmas baby

Here are some pics I took for our Christmas cards which I am really hoping to get in the mail today. ;D Maddox can almost sit up on his own - for a few seconds or longer. He is growing up so fast!!! I am not ready for him to start moving around - crawling or walking. He can scoot around on his belly a little - in circles anyway and can roll from belly to front. He is using his hands like crazy now - he grabs at everything and can hold onto stuff pretty good. He seems to really like electronic things like the remote or the phone. He also loves to sit in my lap while I am at my laptop and bang his hands on the keyboard. We need to find him his own Mac! I really wish I could find him a stuffed or fake iphone, that would be awesome! 

We went to Berlin Christmas this weekend in Michigan and Maddox got to meet all his great aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a great time, except for the blizzard we had to drive home in! We made it home safely and are looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home.

03 December 2008

Christmas cousins

Mamie and Papa finally get to hold all their grandbabies at once! From left we have Tyler (5 months), Maddox (5 months), Scarlett (2.5 years) and Evangeline (8 months).

Here are the cousins all together! It was next to impossible to get them to all smile at once!
Here's Maddox with his new best cousin friend Tyler! They are only 2 days apart. Tyler lives in Mexico though, the lucky dog. We will have to visit often!

Maddox finally got to meet all his cousins!! Maddox and I traveled down to Austin, TX (yes, alone) to celebrate Thanksgiving and an early Christmas with the fam! Beau and Tiffany and their babies were visiting so I had to fly down there so we could all be together at once. It was a mad house! It was pretty crazy all of us staying together in one house. We were exhausted (and sick again) when we came home. Well, I was deathly ill, Maddox has only suffered a runny nose and now a minor ear infection, poor little guy! 
Maddox is a little chunk. He is a bit fatter than his cousin Tyler who was born 2 days after him, and is heavier than Evangeline who is 3 months older! I like him chubby though, there is more to hug and kiss and squeeze and love! 
We are headed to Orlando this weekend for my company Holiday party and are planning to take Maddox to Disney World. He won't remember, but since we are already going there we figured it would be entertaining for him anyway. I can't wait to escape this wintry weather!