10 January 2009

Another milestone - Eating solids!

You're not supposed to eat the box! Hee hee. Maddox had his first taste of rice cereal on New Year's Day. He had no problem swallowing a lot of it. It was so much fun! He did a lot of grabbing at the spoon and tried to lean over and grab the bowl, but we managed to get him to open wide and swallow quite a bit. He made some faces along the way, like "ew, this is sour!". But, he seemed to like it as we gave him more. Yesterday, a week into rice cereal, I gave him peas. I mixed them into the cereal and gave him some straight up. He made more faces, but seemed ok with it. More peas today at lunchtime, oh yummy!!


Jennifer said...

What a big boy he's become...eating solids now...that's great! You'll have so much fun introducing new flavors to him...wait until the fruits hit his tongue!

Jennifer said...

Okay...favorite things challenge...in honor of your little man...I give you the letter "M"!