27 April 2007

IUI #3 prep

I had ultrasound and bloodwork yesterday and today. They are watching my follicles like a hawk! Here's the scoop:

April 26, 2007

Estradiol: 1017, Lining: 7mm - pretty good
Follicles (don't know which side they are on):
1 @ 17mm, 3 @ 14mm, 4 @ 13mm, 1 @ 11mm, 1 @10mm

April 27, 2007
Estradiol: 1075, Lining: 7.8mm - better! Lining above 7mm is good for implantation.
Left ovary: 1 @ 19mm, 1 @ 15mm, 3 @ 14mm
Right ovary: 1 @ 16mm, 2 @ 14mm, 1 @ 11mm

Looks like I have at least 2 maybe three eggs ready to bust out! Whoopee! The more eggs, the more chance I have of getting pregnant (and the more chance of multiple babies!) I will take an HCG shot tonight to trigger ovulation between 8 & 10pm and then go in at 7am to do the first IUI. We will have a second IUI on Sunday.

I am so glad we are having this done this weekend as we have a court hearing on Tuesday for custody of Jackson. I was really worried I would have to have this done the same day as court and I would be so stressed out that day. I am feeling really hopeful about this cycle though. I really think this is the month! But, I can't get my hopes up too high or I will lose it when I get that BFN. (Big Fat Negative). So, I will be praying and trying to pamper myself all weekend starting with going out for some tasty deep dish Chicago style pizza! I am thinking lots of sleep, some yoga, a pedicure and lots of tv and reading.


Jeannie Toberman said...

I am here for you but I wish I were there to help pamper you! Sleep and enjoy that pedi...I miss you!!!!!
Sending extra good vibs and prayers your way!!!!

Jeannie Toberman said...

Oh- Iwish I were there to help you pamper yourself. Enjoy your pedi. I miss you and wish I could give you a big hug!!!!