28 April 2007

IUI#3 and a magnolia tree

We arrived at 6:51am and the guy that runs the "man room" wasn't there yet. He didn't know he was supposed to come to work today. Nice. So, Rudy had to wait to give his sample. Poor baby, like he doesn't have enough pressures. Anyway, fast forward to 8:30am or so and we are called into the stirrup room. Post wash numbers on the sample was 29 million guys with 58% motility. Pretty darn good I guess. Only experienced intermittent cramping and it was all done. La-z-boy to the test tube to the catheter and into the uterus in under an hour. Very, very romantic. Rudy did hold my hand the whole time, he is such a sweet man, I love him so.

On our way home we bought a magnolia tree. It was Arbor day yesterday and there was a tree sale in Naperville. We got a flowering Magnolia that blooms giant red blooms to plant in the back and further improve our view. I don't think I will see it bloom this year unfortunately. If we are still here in this home, we can look forward to it blooming this time next year. Hopefully I will have a blooming baby or babies to enjoy too.

When we came home around 11am, I went to bed and watched HGTV for a while, then finally fell asleep until 3pm or so. It felt so good to take a nap, I can't remember the last time I took a real nap! However, it was too long and I woke up feeling very groggy and still do. I am just laying around now watching reruns of Charmed - love those witches! I wish I could cast a spell and suddenly be pregnant and have this custody battle over Jackson resolved. Finally having the child support payments reduced will be a huge burden lifted. Then Jackson can breathe a sigh of relief too - he is worried that he is going to have to go back and live with his mom and he just doesn't want to. Speaking of Jackson, what a sweet, thoughtful, sensitive and smart little man he is. Our ice maker is broken and I was trying to make iced tea the other day and realized I didn't have enough ice to do it. The next day I find a tray of ice cubes all made in the freezer. He found an ice cube tray I didn't even know we had and made me some ice. Without me even asking him too!! I love him so much, he is such a good boy. I don't understand what his mother's problem is, I just don't get it. I pray everything is resolved before Tuesday so Jackson doesn't have to suffer through a court hearing and listen to all the nasty things his mother will say.

Well, I am rambling about all sorts of things today, I better get back on the couch for some more Charmed! Tomorrow we have IUI#4 starting at 8:15am. I don't think I have ovulated just yet, still feeling pain on both sides. Seems like this is being timed very well this month, it just HAS TO WORK!!

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