16 April 2007

Cycle canceled - next stop: Injectibles

Just a quick update. This latest cycle was canceled due to my lining being too thin (3mm) - should be like 10mm or something. Sniff. So, I am done with Clomid, thank God! But, that means we move on to all injectible medications - 2 shots a day for 10 days or so. Then 2 IUI's followed by endless progesterone shots. As soon as aunt flo arrives, we will start the next cycle. It should be starting this week sometime. I hope it starts before the weekend because I am going to Texas this weekend. Rudy and I are helping my parents drive to their new home in Austin, TX. We leave Sat morning and fly home on Monday night.

Rudy and I went in for more injectible training - this time we get to do Sub-Q shots (subcutaneous) - that means under the skin. It is much better than the intra-muscular progesterone injections in my arse with a 2 inch needle - ugh. The sub-q needle is much smaller and goes in my fat belly. Rudy is still going to administer them - he is such a wonderful husband! I couldn't give myself these shots, no way.

I pray I don't have any cysts on my ovaries this month. There is just so many variables, so much to worry about. But, I have a good feeling about this month. Keep your fingers and toes crossed and say lots of prayers! Oh, one last thing, the chance for twins is at 20% with the injectible medications. Yikes!!!

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