27 March 2007

Clomid is horrid

I can't sleep. It is pure torture to lay in bed at night and watch each hour tick by. It started on Saturday night, coinciding with my first dose of Clomid for this month. My doc increased the dosage to 100mg, doubled from the 50 mg I took last month. I haven't slept since and I am tired and pissed off. Guess what? Insomnia is a side effect of Clomid. Along with mood swings, hot flashes (having those too), sore boobs, major ovulation pain (check!), crying, depression, psychoses, you name it. I have a lot going on in my life right now already, so no sleep and mood swings add up to me being pretty much a nonproductive mess at work.

I wasn't even sure we were going to do the IUI this cycle. I went to have my ultrasound on Friday morning and lo and behold I have a cyst on my right ovary. It is a leftover follicle that is still filled with blood. If it is too big, they cancel the cycle. I was on the border, so the nurse had to speak with the doctor to get the go or no go. He said go, THANK GOD! I was going to really be a complete mess if they canceled IUI#2. One thing is for sure, getting pregnant takes 3 times as long as you think it will, it is just painfully slow to get through all the steps. Lots of waiting and waiting and waiting.

So, here I am happy as can be that I doing the IUI this month, leaving Orbitz for a fresh, spanking new fun project at LeapFrog. I could use the distraction of a fun new project in San Francisco!! I get to be a real consultant and travel and work on a cool, fun website. NOT. Orbitz decided they just can't let me go. I must stay and be tortured. I cried when I found out I was leaving Orbitz, now I am crying because I have to stay. I am just so completely bored here. Bored out of my freaking mind. Oh well, now I don't have to travel and give myself injections, let's look at the bright side!

That's all for now, IUI will take place in a little over a week or so and then I'll be in the 2 week wait, wait and wait period. Oh what fun.

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Jeannie Toberman said...

Oh No! Hang in there girl! I will stay awake each and every night with you! Ok...well, I will think about you each and every night.
Stay positive and think good thoughts. I am sending love and hugs your way!!!!