01 November 2007

5 weeks pregnant

I am officially 5 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant. Still no symptoms really except feeling tired and having to pee more often. I had my second beta hcg test on Monday and it was 1465 - so it more than doubled which is really good. It is weird that it went up exactly 1,000 units, isn't it? My dear husband came home with these roses the day after our official positive test from the doc. Aren't they just gorgeous? He knows me so well, I love this minimalist bouquet, it is so cool. I also received some other surprises from family on that day - the doorbell just kept ringing. My mom and dad sent the beautiful orchid and Aaron and Shannon sent the edible arrangement. That was great, it helped me up my fruit intake (and chocolate too). Thanks everyone for recognizing what a true miracle this is. I love you! We have another blood hcg test and our first OB ultrasound on monday so stay tuned!!

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