19 November 2007


The baby is fine, but I am on bedrest due to subchorionic bleeding. What is that you say? Bleeding from the uterus basically - broken capillaries from the implantation causes some bleeding during the first trimester. It is very common, but annoying. I am on bedrest until it stops which really sucks! I have been on bedrest since last Friday when I called the nurse because I had noticed some spotting last week and it got a little worse on Friday. I have to stay on bedrest until it stops + 3 days. So, it has subsided for the most part today I think, so hopefully only three more days. Guess I am not cooking thanksgiving dinner! Sorry honey. Here is a picture of our sweet little alien baby! I think my belly is pooching out now too - it is hard to tell because I have been a little bloated the last few days. But, I feel better today and notice a distinct little bump below my belly button. I promise some side shots of the belly soon!

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Jennifer said...

Katrina - I'm sure you were terrified about the bleed...just know that this happens quite frequently - it happened to my sister and cousin both...and the bleed resolved itself quickly in both situations. It looks like your little bean is nice and cozy in there...have a yummy Thanksgiving holiday!!!