20 March 2008

The kick and rub game

Me and my baby are communicating!! He recently started sticking out a limb of some sort that I can feel on the outside. It looks like a lump is coming out of my belly or something. Anyway, last night, he was sticking something out and so I started rubbing it and talking to him. Then I stopped rubbing. And he kicked me. So, I started rubbing again. Then stopped. Then he kicked me again! Like, "mooooommmmm! don't stop rubbing me!!" It just warmed the cockles of my heart - we are communicating! I am so excited! This went on for a while and was so much fun. I can feel him kicking me now all over - it's hard to tell what's what of course, but I just love when I can feel some little part of him against my skin. He is going to be spoiled with massages by the time he comes out! This is the fun part of being pregnant and I am enjoying it!!!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That's so awesome! I can't wait until I'll feel my sweetpea kicking me too...have fun with it!