23 February 2009

Progress report

I love his little Speesees organic cotton jumpsuit from Aunt Shannon! So comfy and cute! And this organic quilt from Cousin April is so awesome!
Isn't his hair so fricking cute? It is so long on top now and he looks like such a little man.
We gave in and got the Tripp Trapp chair and I love it! He can sit in it at the table or at my desk with me and work on his own laptop. He loves it too!
Goofing around with Papa!

Maddox is at such a fun age right now! He loves hugs and kisses and jumping around. He is getting really mobile and he is finally starting to get the forward motion crawling thing down. Although, he is doing more of a caterpillar crawl - like the dance move in the eighties where you roll your body across the floor from your toes to your neck? I don't know how else to explain it, but it is pretty darn funny. He also has TWO teeth on the bottom! One came through first and it is a serrated little doozie - those guys are sharp! The other one came in a week or so later. He wasn't too cranky during that time, but we did give him some baby orajel, man that stuff is strong! I tried it in my own mouth and it instantly numbed half my mouth! You gotta be careful with that stuff. When they are fully in I will get a picture, but they have just burst through and are hard to see still.

Maddox also has mastered the ability to go from laying down to sitting up all by himself. He can get around pretty good with that too. So, he is rolling, sitting up and caterpillaring all over the place. But, his new favorite position is standing. He can pull himself up to standing now all on his own. He seems so tiny to be doing this, but he is really strong. He loves to just stand at the coffee table and play with his toys. He also loves to stand on your lap and bounce and dance around. He is so fricking cute! Play time is really fun. He totally freaked me out the other day though. I put him in his crib for a nap and he woke back up and started crying. So, I went up there and when I opened the door he was standing in his crib! YIKES!! I yelled for Rudy to come up and lower the platform of his bed. We've been meaning to do it, but hadn't seen him actually figure out how to stand up in his bed, but he finally did. So, whew, another disaster averted! We are so proud of our little man. He has been sick again lately with a chest cold and cough. It breaks my heart to hear his little cough.  Poor little buddy. 

On another note, this is my last week working part time. I have to return to full time work next week as I leave my current client, Orbitz. I am really bummed and really excited all at the same time. I am sad to leave my client and to lose my wonderful Fridays at home with my little buddy. But, I have been waiting for 4 years to get the chance to work at a new client and expand my skills and get my career moving again. I am up for promotion this year and am excited to focus a little on my career to make that happen. I hope Maddox will be proud that I am a working mama and won't miss me too much. Hopefully my next clients will allow me some work at home time so I won't miss out on him too much. Maybe in a few years I can go back to part time for a while when the economy is better and we can financially make that happen. For now, I am really going to miss my Friday time with Maddox. 


Peter & Mary Berlin said...

What a nice way to start my day. A visit with my Maddox. He is growing up so fast.He can do almost everything Eva is doing. When he starts to crawl, you will have to chase him all over the house. Mamie loves you Maddox XXXX OOOO

Jennifer said...

Wow...he is changing everyday...growing up so fast. I love that chair you got for him...so cool. A couple friends have one...but not in that great color.