12 March 2009

Round of applause!

Maddox clapped this morning! Woohoo!! He was sitting on the floor playing while Rudy and I were running around getting ready this morning. Rudy just started clapping for Maddox for something and suddenly he started clapping too! IT WAS SO CUTE! I then clapped and he did it again!! It is so awesome when my little man learns something new, I have to say. He waved a few weeks ago, did it all day that day and hasn't really done it since. I hope he doesn't forget how to clap. I am not sure why that happens, it must be a momentary breakthrough or something. I am sure he will be doing all these things frequently quite soon. I am also hoping that since he is getting better at copying us that he will start signing soon. I am still trying to teach him "more". But, he is not catching on. That is normal though, it can take 2 months to learn the first sign at his age, he is a little young for it yet. But, it will probably be soon!!!

I've been wanting to post this picture - this is Maddox and his friend Sadie. Sadie's Mama takes care of Maddox during the day and Sadie and Maddox get to play all day! They just love to play together and Sadie likes to pretend she is Maddie's mama. She is trying to hold his sippie cup for him, so cute!! Sadie gave him this picture for Valentine's day, I think she has a crush on him. But, she is too old for you Maddox! She is a little over a year older than Maddox, but they still have a lot of fun together.


Jennifer said...

Clapping...that's so cool! Hopefully he'll continue to clap and start to wave again. Signing sounds like a good idea...I'm sure he'll catch on soon.

Adorable picture of Mad and his "older lady"! ;-)

Peter & Mary Berlin said...

Maddy has a girlfriend already. They look like they get along great. She is a very giving baby for her age.I think Maddox is going to be a wonderful big brother some day. Love Mamie