11 May 2009


Ok, so maybe I'm crazy but I could SWEAR he is saying Mama!! Maybe it's just wishful thinking though, I've been waiting to hear this! Rudy sent this to me today while I am in NY for work, he's been sending me photos and videos so I don't miss my little mini man too much. Oh, how I miss him though! So, Maddox can say Dada all day long and he does, that is pretty much all he says except for an occasional ba or la. So, when I heard this video, I thought, man this sounds like mama!!! If he isn't saying it, this is the closest he has come!!! I put the same short clip in this video three times - what do YOU think?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I can hear a mama in that clip for sure!

My BF's son only says DA DA too...not sure if that's common.