25 March 2010

Verity's 4 month checkup - and 5 month too...

My darling baby Verity -

How you have grown! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. You are getting so big! Here are your stats from the doctor:

Weight: 13 pounds (50th percentile)

Height: 24 3/4 (75th percentile)

Unfortunately, your 4th month of life was wrought with sickness and lots of doctor visits. Both you and Maddox caught a nasty cold/flu and it took up residence in your nose, sinus, chest and ears. You had a mild double ear infection, fever and a terrible cough that kept you up at night. Your sleep schedule was interrupted by you waking up a lot during the night and crying inconsolably. Mama and Dada were not getting sleep and not getting much work done during this time. Luckily after a round of antibiotics, staying home and time, you are mostly better now.

You are holding your head up really good now and can sit up in your bumbo chair during dinner time or whenever. On your belly, you are pushing up with your arms and looking all around. A couple of weeks ago, you rolled over from your tummy to you back for the first time since that fluke when you were really little. You woke up twice that night cuz you rolled from your back to your belly and you were not happy about it. You love to look around at everything and especially Mama and Dada's faces. You smile all the time. You laugh when we tickle you and give you kisses. You like to kiss back too, or maybe you are just trying to latch onto my face, but it feels like a kiss! You are a very vocal baby too - you will talk, babble and moan and groan all day long. You love to watch your big brother Maddox too - he is good entertainment for you. I think your favorite thing right now is Mama's singing voice. When I sing to you you seem to light up. If you are crying, singing gets you to stop and calm down. Finally, someone appreciates my singing! My favorite songs to sing you are: Little Star by Madonna, Fly me to the moon (Sinatra), Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan, Bliss by Alice Peacock and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. I think that you will like to sing too since you are constantly making noises and sometimes it sounds like you are singing yourself!

You are now sleeping in your own crib in your own room! We had to take drastic measures to get some sleep when you were sick and so moved Maddox to his new big boy bed and you into your crib down the hall. After a few weeks of this, you are sleeping through the night! You sleep from about 9pm to 5:30am straight through! Yes! That is good since before you were waking me up twice to eat and then during your illness, every 5 minutes it seemed. You are also going down for your naps in your crib awake and putting yourself to sleep, good job! You like to flip over onto your belly and sleep that way now though, it is making Mama very nervous. Since I have to check on you frequently, Mama isn't sleeping through the night yet. :-D

I am so proud and happy to be your Mama and am enjoying every moment of your babyhood since I've learned how quickly it passes. I love you baby V! Speaking of V, you have many nicknames I call you - V, Vee vee, Miss V, Sweet V, Sweet pea, boo, pooh bear, and many variations, Mama just loves to come up with new ones! One of them will stick more than the others eventually, but your Dada loves to call you V too.

We just got back from Austin, TX for spring break where we hung out with the family, it was a fun week!

Here are some pics from the last couple months.

Wearing her owl onesie made by Mamie and her sweet khaki pants!
Singing to Mama!
Hanging out with big brother Maddox on his new big boy bed
Modeling Mamie's new line of flower headbands
Sequins, jewels and magnolias, oh my!
Mama and Verity
Playing with big cousin Eva

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Peter & Mary Berlin said...

I loved your latest blog.Our little flower princess looks beautiful in her new headbands. You should have taken them home. Love Mamie