03 October 2007

Final Answer: Denied

After careful reconsideration and 2 conversations with my reproductive endocrinologist (the fertility doc), Blue Cross is denying our request for IVF coverage. Phooey. BASTARDS! We are going to appeal this decision as it is based on Rudy being off 1% on the morphology on his sperm analysis (SA). He is going in tomorrow to do another SA, so please pray really hard that the andrologist counts lots of perfect sperm. Yes, it is done by a human with a microscope - yikes! Seems like there is a lot of room for error on these tests. If I was Sami on Days of our Lives, I would find this person and bribe or blackmail them into fudging the results. But, I am just not clever or devious enough to pull this off. Poor Rudy is under a lot of pressure to perform tomorrow morning. We decided if this one isn't good, we will do another one in a couple weeks until we get the results we want.

I had my first ultrasound and bloodwork check after being on the stimulation medication for 4 days. I will have the results later but so far everything is looking good. Getting 3 shots a day in my tummy really sucks. And, I am looking at giving myself the shots on Friday night and Sat morning after Rudy leaves and before my mom arrives. I haven't been able to do it myself yet - it is just so hard to stab yourself, let me tell you. I've done it with Rudy holding my hand and sticking it in, but not myself. I think when the time comes and I just HAVE to do it, I will be ok. But Rudy wants to watch me do it myself so he knows I will be ok. I don't know if I will be able to. I must start mentally preparing for that now...

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