01 October 2007

there is a tiny, itty bitty, teeny weeny bit of hope left

My infertility doctor, the medical director of the fertility center, got on the phone with the medical director of the IVF unit at Blue Cross Blue Shield and reamed him out. YES! J/K, I guess he asked him to reconsider my case and said there was no reason to deny coverage based on a measly 1% difference in the morphology for crying out loud. I am sure the conversation was much more intellectual and persuasive than I am describing. THANK YOU DR. MILLER! They are going to call back tomorrow with a decision. So, there is a tiny eeny weeny itsy bitsy super small little bit of hope left. Either way I am going forward. Please please please please please throw me a bone mister really important insurance man. And I am back in limbo for another day.

We started stim medication yesterday - three shots a day. I am sick of it already and it's only been 1.5 days. If it wouldn't totally freak you out, I would post a pic of my poor, sore, swollen belly, but I won't. The shots sting and leave welt marks and bruises. But, I am sure I have told you all that already.

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