20 May 2008

33 weeks, 4 days belly shot

I haven't posted a pic in a while, so here you go! Only 44 days to go and I am getting very excited! We started our childbirth classes on Sunday, very informative. I can't wait to meet this little guy face to face and wish my due date was here already. But, I don't want him to be born early, so I will wait for another month and a half to slooooooooooowwwwwwlly tick by. I am trying to take this one day at a time as it is getting harder and harder to move around, sleep and work with all this baby stuff on my mind and extra weight in my belly I have to carry around. I still have so much to do!!! I wear out really quickly doing anything and need to lie down frequently because my back is still really bad. I think it has made a small improvement as long as I sit in a reclined position with my feet up. But doing anything causes my back to start hurting after a short bit. I am a mess! We went out to dinner on Sat night and that was the last time I am doing that - sitting in a chair eating is the worst possible place for my back. I can't tolerate it for long. 

Yesterday I was leaving work and just coming out of my building when I ran into my fertility doc! It was weird because I couldn't place him right away - seeing him out of context threw me - so I looked at him and he looked at me with a small flicker of recognition and then we passed and I realized who he was. I wish I would have realized sooner so I could have said "Hey Dr. Miller!! Thank you so much for my baby boy!!!" I haven't seen him since the day he did the embryo transfer and made me stand on my head! hee hee, I bet he would have liked to hear that everything is going ok, even though he probably really doesn't remember me.  What a fulfilling, yet busy job he has, giving couples babies they may have never otherwise conceived.  Probably a really stressful job though too to have so much responsibility.

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Jennifer said...

Great shot! You look beautiful!!!