29 May 2008

35 weeks today, 35 days left to go...

And I am 35 years old! Weird! I think I need to play the lottery with those numbers! Part of me can't believe I only have 35 days to go - on the other hand, 5 weeks sounds like a long time. I am ready now! My back is still killing me - physical therapy has helped a little - but I still have moments where I am just totally miserable. But, I do have more moments where I am ok - just ok. I am pretty sure I will have to live with the back pain for the next 35 days - so, will just take it one day at a time.

I am now getting kicked in the ribs - my belly has officially reached the bottom of my rib cage. I can't imagine getting bigger than I already am! My skin is itchy and the whole top of my belly is pretty sore at the end of the day - probably from the squirmy, kicky little guy in there! He is pretty active - my belly looks like I am belly dancing sometimes - it is so fun to watch!

Oh - funny story. I went to get into my car yesterday morning and my dear hubbie had draped a garbage bag and towel over my seat. Haha!! He is so cute! He learned that in childbirth class last week. (FYI - it's just in case my water breaks in the car, I won't ruin the lovely leather seats). I had to laugh though because not only was the bag and towel over the bottom of the seat -it was tucked under the headrest covering the whole back of the seat too. I hope I don't explode amniotic fluid beyond my seat!!

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Jennifer said...

35 is a big number for you right now! Cute thing your hubby did - made me giggle!