10 June 2008

Nursery update: fabric choice

I know I have been slow in the nursery updates, but it has taken me a lot longer to accomplish some of these projects! I can at least show you the fabrics I chose for the nursery, although, they might seem off the wall without seeing the final projects. I finally finished the quilt this past weekend and it turned out just ok. It was a lot more challenging of a project than I expected, but sewing always seems to turn out that way. I don't have any pics to show you yet of the quilt, but expect to see some soon. I also (almost) finished painting the mural on the wall (thanks Marcy for the good kick start!). I think I want to add a little more to the walls though, so am not revealing that yet. It will probably still be a while before the entire nursery is finished -Rudy is building bookshelves which probably won't be done for another month or so, but I kind of want to wait to reveal the entire nursery until everything is done and in the room. But, I will share little tidbits along the way including the above fabrics!

These fabrics are by Etsuko Furuya from the Echino line. They are from a japanese designer and I fell in love with them when I saw them on reprodepot.com. They are very kooky - from afar, the damask looks very traditional, but up close it is filled with animals, bugs and skulls. Yes, skulls. I am also using the damask in green and purple, as well as a basic black and white polka dot fabric. When you see the quilt you will see all these fabrics come together! I couldn't resist the purple fabric with the birds on it either, so mixed it with the damask - it is working out pretty good. Well, that is all for now! I am off to the doctor now for my 37 week appointment.

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