29 June 2008

Still 1 cm...

Saw the doc on Friday and I am still dilated 1 cm and 70% effaced. But, anything can happen at any time! The doc felt the baby and thought he seemed "very long and narrow". So, duh, he is tall and skinny like his daddy!. But, he guessed that he was around 8 pounds, which isn't too bad. This is just a guesstimate, it wasn't a very scientific measurement of the baby. I just hope I have him in the next week so he doesn't end up being 9 pounds +!

The Braxton Hicks are happening every once in a while. I've had maybe 8 or so today, but I've been pretty active cleaning the house and doing laundry, some days I don't have any. My mama is coming tomorrow, so had to get the house all clean and get a little more organized. I have been waiting until my mom got here, then I can have the baby anytime after that! I'd say we are very ready to go to the hospital at any time! Well, I do need to finish packing my suitcase, I've got a few things in there, but it's not complete. I need to get some snacks for Rudy and myself and throw my toiletries, robe, slippers and the breastfeeding pillow in there. I really hope I am at home when the time comes, because then I can finish throwing everything in there. I should be, but I am going to try to go to the office on Tuesday. I am trying to work until I go into labor. I am praying that I go into labor in the next week, I really don't want to have to work past this week. The doc said if I don't go into labor on my own, they will probably induce me two weeks from tomorrow. I said TWO WEEKS??? I can't wait another two weeks, I am ready now! Maybe my female doc will say different when I see her this wednesday. I am thinking I will have him within a couple of days either side of my due date. At least I hope that is what happens! Pray for him to come out safely in the next week or so!

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Jennifer said...

You are so close now...only days away, I bet! Good idea to clean and pack now...just in case the babe is ready to come on out. I'll be checking back here for updates a lot this week - so excited for you!!! Best of luck with it all...you're gonna be a great mom!