28 July 2008

My mommy left today...

And now I am on my own! I am going to be all alone with my baby tomorrow! I have to go back to see the doctor tomorrow too cuz my incision has been bothering me and isn't healing like it should - it is red and inflamed in two spots and in one spot it is oozing and bleeding a little. I hope everything is ok! I am going to have to take Maddie to the doc with me, should be a fun time!

Speaking of Maddie, he is just the sweetest baby and I love him sooooooooooo much. I burst into tears every once in a while just overwhelmed with how lucky I am and how much I love him. It actually hurts! I can't believe I waited this long (and it took this long) to become a mother. It is the best (and scariest) thing in the world and I want another one! I am listening to him sleep - he is making these cute little baby noises with every breath - he is a very noisy baby. He moans and almost hums in his sleep and when he is eating. He can be especially loud at 2am and wake Daddy up, oops! The best sound he made was early on when he would cry, he would hoot like a little owl. It was just the cutest sound in the world, I almost want to let him cry just so I can hear that cute little hoo hoo sound. 

I am working on writing up the story of his birth and just haven't had time to finish it, but it is coming soon. I also have more pics to share, keep checking back for more! Lots of love to everyone for all their good wishes, gifts, cards, flowers and help during this special time. Thank you!

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Jennifer said...

My close friend had a c-section and her incision had trouble healing too - sounded very similar to yours. It eventually did though.

Good luck your first day alone with Maddox. Can't wait to read his birth story!