09 September 2009

Labor day fun

Maddox loves his new snowsuit!
Riding a tractor on the apple farm!
Maddox loves to wear our shoes around, so funny!
Sizing up his cousin Eva...
The two little cuties tolerating each other...
We had some visitors from Texas this past weekend. My brother, Aaron, his wife Shannon and Maddie's cousin Evangeline stopped for 2 nights on their way back home from a road trip to Michigan. They were visiting family in Michigan and came through Chicago on their way back to Texas. It was a great visit and Maddox got to play and get to know Eva. She is almost 4 months older than Maddox, but they still had fun playing. She loved to hug and kiss him, although he wasn't that into it. He will kiss and hug his Mama and Dada all day long, but he is not ready for hugging and kissing others apparently! We hit the Last Fling in Naperville - just went to the family funland where they played outdoors for a while. I was having major back pain on Sat, so didn't last long out and about. It was a short, but fun visit and we hope to see them again soon!

On Sunday we went shopping and got Maddox some fall/winter clothes and also found him a new snowsuit! We couldn't resist trying it on when we got home, he looks so funny waddling around in it. The snowsuit is from Hanna Anderssen and was on sale, can't beat that! We also found a fleece bunting/snowsuit thing for the baby too there, but have to go back to get it as we noticed it on our way out. Since they gave me a coupon for my next purchase, that's what I'll be buying! Maddox got a few pairs of pants, shirts and socks from the Gap. We are pretty set on pants for winter, but he could use some more shirts, sweaters, a sweatshirt and pajamas. He also will need some snow boots so he can play outside this winter! Shopping for kids clothes is fun, but can get expensive. I think I am going to have too much fun shopping for our baby girl, although I am sure I will spend more money. Boys clothes are easy, buy some pants and tops and then mix and match. Girls have outfits and dresses and hair bows and tights, etc. etc.

On Labor day we went to an Apple Orchard out west, didn't pick any apples, but ate lots of apple cider donuts and drank apple cider! Maddox got to horse around on the baby tractors, he seemed to like it! It was a pretty nice, relaxing weekend, but too short!

Other random things going on - Maddox got another haircut. We went a lot shorter this time because his hair was growing so fast. Left it long in the front, but added lots of layers and cut it short on the sides and back. It looks pretty cute, but it's so straight it just hangs down straight. I have to put gel in it to style it all cool, but haven't bothered to try that out yet. Looks like I am going to have to add haircuts to the budget for this guy!

I have 8 weeks to go... Seems short, but so long. I am ready to be done. Being pregnant is hard work! I am definitely feeling a LOT better in terms of my back than last time, but I still have bad days where my back is killing me at the end of the day. I also have other aches and pains, mostly in my hips and groin area - lots of pressure. I get up from my chair at work sometimes and can hardly walk, I basically look like and old crippled woman hobbling around. Oh well, it's worth it! I am working on scheduling my c-section and will update more about that later.


Aaron Berlin said...

We had a great time! Thanks for entertaining us!

Jennifer said...

Love the snowsuit - as soon as I saw the pic, I knew it was a hannah (our kids are spoiled!)... : )

He's getting so big...I can't beleive he'll be playing in the snow drifts this winter - time flies - hope you are feeling great in your last 2 months - the countdown has begun!