24 August 2009

Mama and baby, 29 weeks

Finally got around to taking some more belly shots this weekend. We also had our 30 week ultrasound on Friday (at 28 weeks, 5 days). Our baby girl is looking perfect and she weighs around 3 pounds. Wow! She is definitely a girl, I had the doc check again, hee hee. Mama is feeling pretty darn good, only intermittent back pain this time, which is absolutely wonderful. With Maddox, I was in pretty serious pain for almost 5 months and it was horrible! I do have the same back pain, but not all the time, so I am so grateful. Only 10 more weeks! It is looking like a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. I am thinking of scheduling it on my birthday, Nov 3rd! That is 5 days before my due date. They would schedule it exactly that day anyway, or the day before or after, so why not just have the same birthday? I was not sure if I wanted to do that to her or not, but I figure, what is the difference if our birthdays are 1 day apart or on the same day? She will be the best birthday present ever!

Side view of the belly

Artistic shot, hee hee

Tried to copy the shot we took of the belly in Puerto Rico, almost the same!

Profile of our sweet baby girl

Her sweet little face! She looks squished in there!

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Jennifer said...

You look fabulous! Sounds like she's doing great too! Love the u/s pics...those are so fun.