17 December 2009

6 weeks old and all smiles...

My little baby girl started smiling!! She has given us a little grin a few times, but the day before yesterday, she started smiling much bigger in response to our smiley faces! She is really filling out and is growing out of her newborn clothes finally. I still feel like she is so small, but her little thighs are getting chubby as is her face. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, she is 6 weeks old already! Time is flying by, my mat leave is half over :-(. I see the doc next week and can then hopefully start exercising, I have a lot of work to do to fit back into my clothes.

Maddox is becoming a little daredevil menace. He can climb all over everything and is like a little energizer bunny. He is also pretty willfull at times, he whines and screams if he doesn't get what he wants. We are trying to ignore that behavior, but it's hard! He is still a good little eater though. He will eat pretty much anything we give him. Except, now he MUST have a utensil in his hand most times to get him to eat. He has small silverware that is plastic and metal, the metal is not such a good idea. He bangs them on the table and our cherry table has quite a few dents in it now, oops! He can maneuver pretty good with a fork or a spoon now, but needs help scooping up the food sometimes. He is jabbering a lot, but not saying any new words lately. His favorite word right now is "guck". It means truck and dirty diaper and garbage, hee hee. Not sure why he thinks it has these multiple meanings. He started out saying it when pointing at trucks and maybe he is confused because Rudy says "ick" when he goes near the garbage or dirty diapers and so he thinks it is the same? Not sure, but we think it is pretty funny and have probably reinforced it too much and say it too now, oops. He still says "dis" a lot when pointing at things, as if to say "what's this?". He probably says a lot of words and we just can't understand him. He is still a very lovable little boy, loves to gives kisses and hugs and will kiss anyone once he warms up to them a little. He even kisses his sister, so cute.

Being at home alone with two kids is pretty hard. I have the family room fenced in - so I basically spend my day in a cage. However, it is not completely safe in this cage because it includes the furniture and Maddox climbs up on the couch and chaise now and likes to walk around. Time for a new configuration!

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Peter & Mary Berlin said...

Hi Trina, Tell Verity that I'm smiling back at her. I miss you guys Hugs and Kisses all around. MamieXXXXXOOOOO