03 December 2009


The nightly sleeping has gotten better the last two nights, knock on wood that it will stay that way! Verity only woke me up twice to eat - once around 1:30am after going to sleep around 10pm, and then again at 5:30am. Woohoo!! This is better than every hour or two, I am actually getting to sleep for longer stretches again which is wonderful. Although, I don't really feel like it, it is going to take some time to catch up on my sleep.

I also wanted to mention that she actually ROLLED OVER already!! It happened on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I am sure it was a fluke, she was doing tummy time on the couch on the edge of the cushion and lifted her head, then her leg and next thing I knew, she had rolled closer to me! Such a smart and strong little baby!

Well, I am working on getting my announcements done and have to get back to working on that since I am having a rare moment where both kids are napping at the same time!


Peter & Mary Berlin said...

I'm glad you are getting more sleep Love You. Mom xxoo

Jennifer said...

I finally got a chance to get caught up on your blog...wow, she is just the most beautiful baby girl...I am so over-joyed reading all about her and your new family experiences!

I hope you get more and more sleep soon...this first year can be very tough in that department!