22 February 2010

3 months old and baptized!

I am really behind on my blogging and I am sorry. Verity Claire has turned 3 months and has had quite a time! She's holding up her head really good, laughing and smiling all the time. She has even grabbed her feet a few times and grabs onto things like my hair and her rattle, blankets and stuffed animals. She is a very social baby, LOVES it when I talk or sing to her. She also seems to really like the TV, hee hee. Like Mama, like daughter. She is still a very sweet baby and so very easy. She isn't quite sleeping through the night yet, but that is ok. She wakes me up around 2 or 3am and again at 5 or 6am. But, she sleeps pretty good in her cosleeper in her swaddle blanket. She has been sick pretty much since we went back to day care unfortunately. She is congested and is having a hard time breathing when she eats. We saw the doctor just today and she is ok. Her big brother is another story, he is pretty darn sick with a fever and double ear infections. Poor little guy. I hope Verity doesn't catch it!

We also had Verity baptized last weekend on Valentine's Day. Uncle Aaron and Aunt Shannon flew up with baby Eva for the event and to be her Godparents. Uncle Beau and Tiffany are also her Godparents, but couldn't make the trip right now. It was a nice weekend spending time with cousin Eva and just hanging out. Verity looked like a baby princess in her beautiful dress I had custom made on Etsy. I just love Etsy!

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