02 February 2010

Back to work!

I have been back to work now for a week and it hasn't been so great. Verity didn't eat much at daycare last week, she started out totally refusing the bottle. This is partly our fault for not giving her the bottle much in the days leading up to my first day back. However, we did try to give her one, she just wouldn't take it! She has drunk from the bottle in the last couple months a few times, so I wasn't that worried. Boy, was I wrong! She spent her entire first day at day care not eating, crying and sleeping. Poor baby... Mama had to leave work early - although I still didn't get there until 4:30pm. She was one hungry girl! She didn't drink much on Tuesday either, just a little bit here and there that dripped in her mouth. She wouldn't latch on and suck on the bottle. I worked at home and picked her up early again. On Wednesday, Verity and Maddox are home so Rudy had to take over working with her and the bottle while I pumped at home all day. By lunchtime he had succeeded in getting her to latch on and suck! Thank GOD! Daddy is a GENIUS! He is such a good Daddy. She drank a little more that day and Thursday, but still not nearly enough, I think like 5 - 7 oz. On Friday she finally started to warm up to Carrie and drank 11 oz.

I was still really worried and called the pediatrician's office and they told me to just stop giving her boob cold turkey until she was taking the bottle consistently. I was NOT happy about this, it was a very harrowing week for Mama and Dada and then I had to pump all weekend? ARGH! I ended up pumping in the morning and feeding her in the afternoon on Sat. She was taking the bottle pretty good by then so wanted to see how she would do on Sunday morning. Again, Sunday she took the bottle, even from me, so thought she had it. Monday she only drank 5 oz though, I was still very worried. She seems to be warming up to Carrie though- I think this has been a combination of missing Mama, not wanting to drink from a bottle and being in a strange place with a stranger. Poor little butterfly - I feel so guilty taking her to daycare and going to work, it is breaking my heart. Tuesday she did better and drank 11 oz again, so I feel better. I want her to drink at least 12 oz, I think that will be good. Maddox drank 16 oz while I was at work though, maybe she will work her way up to that.

All in all, it's been pretty stressful going back to work. I am working at home every Wednesday to be there and breastfeed and take a break from pumping in the middle of the week. Pumping is not that much fun. But, JPMorgan Chase has a mother's room for women to pump in, so that is awesome! It is not as nice as the mom's room at Orbitz, but it is still a nice room with two private places to pump, a sink, fridge and a place to store your things. There are quite a few women using the room too, so that is a positive thing!

Today, Verity is officially 3 months old! I can't believe how time has flown by. I will have a separate post about her and hopefully some new pics soon. I need to take some photos though, don't have any new ones yet.

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