11 June 2007


Big Fat Negative. Again.

We are taking a month off due to going on vacation next week. Sigh. If only I could really relax. We were going to switch to IVF next month, but can't due to insurance restrictions. We must complete 3 IUI's with injectibles before we are allowed to move on to bigger and better things. I am pretty much convinced now that the IUI's aren't going to work and I have to do one more time. UGH. And, since we are taking a month off, that puts us into Sep/Oct before we will get IVF (it is a 2 month protocol). Now I know why it takes people so long to make any progess. Rather than being pregnant this June, I may not be due until June of next year, if at all. I thought for sure I would be pregnant this summer, but guess not.
Major pity party tonight with lots of wine involved. Hey, at least I get to be drunk for my entire vacation. Whoopee.

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