17 September 2007

Here we go...

All the drugs have arrived and we had our consultation with the IVF nurse today. We signed all the consent forms and went through the entire protocol. As you can see, it is pretty involved. Here is the list of drugs we have to take:
Apri tabs - (me) Pill - birth control pill to suppress ovaries (already taking)
- (me) Injectible - stimulates follicle/egg growth
Repronex - (me) Injectible -stimulates follicle/egg growth
Lupron - (me) Injectible - supresses my ovaries from ovulation
Doxycyclin - (me) Pill - antibiotic
Cipro - (Rudy) Pill - antibiotic
Baby aspirin - (me) Pill - I don't know what this is for, trying to find out...
Medrol - (me) Pill - steroid so my body doesn't reject the babies
HCG - (me) Injectible - to induce ovulation
Endometrin - (me) Pill - the vaginal progesterone pill (I am going to try this out and see if I like it in lieu of the progesterone injections. If not, it's back to the butt shots)

I start the Lupron shots this wednesday (a couple days earlier than I thought) and take those for 7-10 days then start the other shots. Then, 3 shots a day for 10 days until egg retrieval. Rudy is going out of town for 5 days and I am going to have to give myself the shots while he is gone. Yikes! Should be interesting... I will keep you posted on our progress.
xoxo Katrina

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