24 September 2007

prayers for us are needed for the 1%

We are anxiously awaiting for Blue Cross to pre-certify our IVF. You would think this would be done by now, but no. I think the doctor's office dragged their feet on this one. But, it is not looking good. Since Rudy had a vasectomy reversal, our infertility cannot be because of his vasectomy or all coverage is ended. They determine this by several factors.
1. Is his sperm analysis normal?
2. Is the infertility because of me?

1. According to the latest sa, we are off by one f***ing percentage point on morphology. It must be 4% and above, and it was 3%. Conveniently, last year in August, it WAS 4%. But now it's not. They only look at tests within the last year.
2. We have unexplained infertility. There is no diagnosis. There is nothing out of the ordinary wrong with me other than I think my luteal phase is too short. But that was fixed with all the drugs they give me.

Sooooo... I am thinking we are basically screwed. Over 1 PERCENT. I can't handle this. I finally was feeling like this was going to work and now something new to stress over.

Blue Cross won't let me talk to anyone about this. I mean, they will only talk to the doctor's office. The doctor's office tells me to call the insurance company. It is so freaking funny. But I am not laughing.

Did I mention that out of pocket this will cost over $20,000 !!! I am freaking out right now.

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