22 January 2008

17 weeks belly shot

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and here's how I look! Not much of a belly to speak of. I just look a little chubby and thick in the waist. I have only gained about 6 or 7 pounds so far, so there must be some baby in there, not just flab! I had a pic from 10 weeks and it doesn't really look much different than this, weird. I guess I am just slow to show. I thought for sure I would have a big belly by now, but gals, you just don't show as quickly as you think when you are pregnant for the first time! I am wearing maternity clothes now because my regular clothes are just too tight and uncomfortable. I did some shopping recently and bought a bunch of stuff - almost all of it on sale! Now is a good time to shop, I got some great deals and some really cute clothes!

If you look really close at my left eye (the eye on the right in the pic), it looks pink. I have unfortunately managed to contract a new autoimmune disorder in my eye called iritis. Lucky me! It was soooooooooooo severely painful, I have not felt pain this bad before. I was basically blinded the last couple days - I couldn't open my eyes if there were any lights on or if it was daytime without getting a sharp pain in my eye sort of like being hit in the face with a baseball bat. Ouch, I am not kidding, it was pretty bad. And worse during the night, I would wake up with this throbbing, pounding horrible pain behind my eye. All I could do was put ice on it to make the pain subside. Well, thank goodness the opthalmologist figured out what it was and gave me the right steroid eye drops, it feels so much better today, but is still red as you can see. It can take up to 8 weeks to completely go away. I hope it doesn't last that long, but as long as I can see and go to work, I will get by. My vision is blurry in that eye which is really annoying. Being blind really is tough. I was so bored, there is literally nothing to do other than listen to the tv or talk to other people and I just layed in bed and did nothing! It is hard to get around the house when you are not used to not seeing. I just stayed in bed and thank goodness Rudy stayed home yesterday to take care of me. Well, pray for my eye to heal quickly so I can stop taking these eye drops, they are not technically approved for during pregnancy. But, I had no choice. Go blind in my left eye, or get better and have a very remote chance of something happening to the baby. This is a totally different topic, and I have already made my choice, but it was not easy. I just pray I don't have to take these drops for much longer.

Well, 2 more weeks and we get to find out the sex of the baby!! We are going to start buying the baby furniture soon. I can't wait to share all the baby room decorating with you!

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