30 January 2008

Our Babymoon is booked!

This is our last chance to get away for a while and to take Jackson (my stepson) somewhere fun on Spring Break! We are going to Puerto Rico for 8 days the first week of April. I can't wait to just relax in the sunshine and read a book. This is the pool at the hotel we are staying at. I don't think we will be going on vacation anytime soon with a new baby, so had to push for a week away this spring. This is another thing to look forward to to get through this very dismal, cold and snowy winter! It is just ridiculous, the weather has really sucked in Chicagoland. It has snowed almost every week it seems like since before Christmas! Last night it was a horrible blizzard, got down to 20 below (windchill) and the snow was blowing sideways. Bika the dog would NOT go outside to do her business, she put her brakes on as soon as we opened the door. Jackson and I pushed her out the door and she squatted right on the stoop and peed. Silly doggie! I really can't blame her though, if I had to do that outside, it would probably never happen! So, in two months my belly will be bigger and maybe a little browner! Can pregnant ladies get a tan? More questions for the doc...

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