09 January 2008

I am a bad blogger :-( 15 week update

Sorry to have skipped out on you. I was very busy (lazy) during the holidays and haven't gotten around to updating you on my progress. Well, I am 15 weeks today! Whoopee!! I still don't look pregnant and don't feel any movement yet, but it is still early for that I suppose. I just want to have a big ole belly, but instead I just look thicker around the waist. I do have a picture I took a while back, but never posted because I just look fat and what is the point of that? I promise to start posting belly pics when I actually have a real looking prego belly. I am not fitting into my clothes anymore, I wear them with the button unbuttoned. I do have some maternity pants I can wear now though, but they kind of fall down a little. This in between stage is tough, who knew it would last for half my pregnancy? Sheesh!

I saw the doc on Jan 2 and everything is fine. The baby's heartbeat was 148 and the first trimester screening results came back normal. They give you the results in terms of "1/300 chance that the baby will have down's syndrome or other chromosomal abnormality". That is the actual number for my age range, but my results came back better than that, I just don't know what the exact number is yet. That reminds me I have to call the doc's office to get the exact number. We aren't planning to do any more testing on this baby, we are having him/her regardless of any problems. I am having a level 2 ultrasound on Feb 4 with the perinatologist though. My OB wants them to follow me because of the antibody thing. Oh yea, I suppose I should mention that. We got a bunch of non-answers from the perinatologist about that. They don't know what the antibody is and don't think there will be any problems. It is possible that the baby could become anemic, which is why we are doing the level 2 u/s at 18 weeks or so. But, he didn't really think that would happen. They are going to test my blood every month to monitor me though. So, I guess I don't have much to worry about. Yea right!

The good news is that on Feb 4th we should find out the sex of the baby! YES!! I can't wait!

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