06 February 2008

I'm a boy!

It's official and there is NO doubt about it, it's a boy! Now I can go on a shopping rampage and buy all the coolest, cutest most awesome baby boy clothes I can find. Watch out! I am going to stimulate the economy singlehandedly with my shopping excursions! I just ordered some fabric today for the bedding. Yes, I am going to make it myself. I kind of have to because we are getting an oval crib and the choices for bedding are very limited. I am also very, very, very picky and have to design this all myself because that's what I like to do. I am not 100% sure in my head how it is going to turn out yet, but I am working on it and will share the details with you. You see, I kind of had my heart set on a baby girl, so had the girl nursery all worked out. But, now I have to go down the boy path and figure that out. But, we are happy to be having a very healthy, sweet little baby boy.

I have some ultrasound pictures to post, but I left them at grandma's, so will do it when I get them back.

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