12 February 2008

Oh, my aching back...

You'd think I was full term, carrying a 10 pound baby with the aches and pains I have! My back has been giving me trouble since last week. I am having trouble sitting at my desk - which I do all day everyday for work. I hunch over my laptop and work work work. I even have one of those fancy Herman Miller office chairs and I am still dying! I have since readjusted it the best I can and moved my laptop onto the keyboard tray so I can get everything lined up the best I can. It helps a little bit. I have to sit up perfectly straight with my belly against the tray so I can reach the keyboard properly. What am I gonna do when my belly starts getting in the way? I am willing to try anything - yoga, chiropractor, physical therapy, exercise, massage, anything!!! Somebody please tell me what to do... Every night I go home and lay on a heating pad or take a bath. (Yes, my doc said it was ok to do this!)

Speaking of yoga - I started taking prenatal yoga last Saturday. It was great! I think it may help with my back and of course with delivering this bouncing baby boy. The instructor even rubbed lavender aromatherapy on our feet at the end, it was pretty darn relaxing. This is the kind of exercise I can handle. I was fricking sore afterwards though - I overdid it on the stretching. It didn't hurt when I was doing the moves, but I guess I overstretched a little. It felt so good to do it though and I feel fine now. I am going back again this Saturday! I just need to get up off my butt and do a couple other things too, like walk on the treadmill or take another class somewhere. I would like to take water aerobics or something like that, I am looking into it. Now is the time to do whatever I have to do!

Rudy and I went shopping on Saturday and bought a bunch of clothes for our baby son. Son, I am going to have a son! That is so weird to say!!! Macy's had a great sale and we bought lots of typical baby stuff - sleepers and onesies all in pretty boy pastel colors with giraffes and animals and frogs and sailboats on them. We got a really cute baby blue velour tracksuit from Ralph Lauren - Rudy had to have it and of course I couldn't resist. I had picked up the hip hop Adidas track suit first, but we settled on the velour. It is so small and so fricking cute!!!!!!! We got him his first pair of khaki cargo pants at the Gap too - everything is so tiny and cute. And, of course we got him his first socks - these trumpette baby camo socks - they are so little, but so darn cute. Now I have to go out and find him some more stylish baby clothes - I am thinking more along the lines of rock and roll baby wear, no more of this pastel baby stuff!!! Ohhhhh - I love it all, it is all so darn irresistible!!

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