23 April 2008

My uterus is showing!!!

I've noticed people looking at my belly out in public.  It's kind of weird - I mean, my uterus is so big now that it is sticking way out and people can see it! hee hee. So, here is a more revealing photo of my belly and me. We took a bunch of photos on the beach in Puerto Rico and I will share some of them with you. However, we lost some of them - long story - but I still have a few to show. I hope you don't mind seeing me in a bathing suit! I just look very round! :-D


Jennifer said...

What a fun trip. We're considering a trip to Mexico this summer sometime. Love the belly shot on the beach - what a cute bikini too, is it a maternity bikini?

Katrina said...

Nope - it is my regular bikini - it still fit! I had a maternity suit too that covered my belly, but it was black and I was SO hot wearing it - it was like wearing a blanket. You should definitely go to Mexico!!