15 October 2008

5 pounds of taco bell and my hair

So, what's new you're wondering? Well, for starters, I've got about 5 pounds of taco bell left to work off. It is frustrating to not be able to fit into all my clothes so I have been trying to lose weight since about 6 weeks post partum. I started running and ran every day for almost 2 weeks. Then, my knees really started to hurt so I stopped. Since then I've probably run more like once a week, which isn't enough of course. I've done a little pilates here and there, but nothing consistent. It is really hard to diet too when you are breastfeeding, I am so hungry for sugar! But, I have lost some weight which I am very happy about, but have a little ways to go to be happy with myself. My body is slightly different than it used to be so I want be lighter than I was before I got prego because of how things are just sagging a little more.

Ok, that's enough about that!

My hair started falling out about a week or two ago. I heard that happens a few months after giving birth. It is just really annoying to have hair all over my clothes and on the baby and on the floor and on the counters and on the bed and on my Mac. Maybe I should just chop all my hair off! NO! I am not going to do that. I do need to get a trim and get my hair highlighted, my hair just looks really nappy right now. ;D I just sound so pretty don't I? Being a mother is really hard on your body!

Maddox is doing just great! He loves going to day care. My day care provider Carrie has a 13 month old daughter, Sadie, and she is just a little cutie pie. Maddox loves to watch her play and I am sure they will become good little playmates. He probably likes it over there better than at home because she has so many toys to play with and I have practically none! He is 3.5 months old and mom is already boring! I did put together the activity center by Baby Einstein and sat him in it - he just started beaming at me because I was sitting on the floor next to him and we were at the same level. He can sit for a while in his bumbo chair now too and look around and play a little. He is just so darn cute, I can't stand it!!!! I am adjusting to being back at work all right. I miss him during the day and pumping kind of sucks, but it's going ok. I really look forward to seeing him at the end of the day and work days are kind of short on the quality time with him. He is hungry and sleepy when I get home so time with each other is short. But so far so good.


Jennifer said...

Mad is so cute - still loving that hairdo! I'm glad he's enjoying daycare...it's great that he's got a little playmate (girlfriend).

As for the weight loss...I heard that the last few pounds don't fall off until after breastfeeding subsides/ends...so don't beat yourself up if it takes a little longer!

Peter & Mary Berlin said...

Good morning Trina and Maddox. I just read your blog. Your are the most adorable baby Maddox. Just looking at you makes me so happy. You have the best mommy in the world. Love Mamie XXX )))