21 October 2008

Pediatric Cardiologist gives the all clear. Whew.

We took Maddox to the pediatric cardiologist yesterday because the pediatrician has heard a heart murmur since around week 2. They did an EKG and an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) and he says he is just fine! YAY!!!! We were a little worried and it is so good to hear that he is fine. It is just a functional murmur, which means it is just an extra sound they hear with no problem causing it. Babies sometimes have them because their hearts are close to the chest wall or something. I am just glad he doesn't have a hole in his heart or a problem with one of the valves.  He is also growing good and a very chubby happy baby! He is kind of a sweaty baby which was another reason we wanted him evaluated by the heart doc. He said that is not because of his heart. That is usually an indication of congestive heart failure, which he obviously doesn't have. I have read online that it is common for babies to be a little sweaty - they can't quite regulate their body temperatures exactly right yet. We are very grateful and glad that our little guy is all right. 

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