04 October 2008

New look!

I finally came up with a new header for Maddox's blog! I wish I had more time to really rearrange everything and do something even better, but I don't. But, I am happy enough with this! Now the blog has boy colors and Maddox's owl. This blog is now about him, so might as well say that! I just love the little owl I drew - this was on his announcements too. Although I do have a couple of owls in his room, it wasn't really the main theme of his room. But, when he was born whenever he cried he hooted like a little baby owl - it was so sad, but so cute. So, now the owls really remind me of him. He is actually wearing a shirt today with an owl on it that we got at Old Navy. So cute! I'll have to take some pictures. He is three months old today, so I will be taking some new video and pics this weekend to mark the occasion. Maybe later after I get out of my pajamas though. :-D

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Great header - I can't beleive he's 3 months old already!!! He's such a sweetheart...love that hairdo!